Google Workspace at LDEO

In 2021, Google changed their storage policy, and now only provides schools and universities with limited pooled storage shared across all users. So, if you need cloud storage solutionsplease reach out to [email protected] for alternative solutions.

LDEO G Suite (LamontMail)

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) offers Google Suite to all faculty, students, and staff to help accelerate productivity, and increase collaboration. These are some of the productivity tools included in our G Suite services:

  • Gmail - built-in instant messaging including voice and video chat, mobile access, spam and virus protection, IMAP
  • Google Calendar - multiple calendars, room/resource scheduling
  • Google Docs - word processing, spreadsheets, forms, presentations
  • Google Drive  - file storage and sharing
  • Google Sites  - website creation with videos, images, gadgets, and documents integration

Gmail is Google's free email service. You can find Gmail at If you have a Google account, you already have a Gmail account. Inbox is an optional upgraded user interface for Gmail accounts. 

Access Your Lamont Mail via a Web Browser

Remove Old Ldeo SMTP

  • You must remove the old SMTP setup that are pointing to, or, or  in your mail clients.

Setup your Email Client

  • Apple Mail Client
  • Outlook 2016 Mac
  • Outlook 2016 Windows
  • Thunderbird Mac/Windows

Setup ypur Mobile Device

Use the the appropriate steps below. Select Google as the provider, and enter your full Lamont email address ([email protected]) when prompted for an email to sign in. When the Web Login screen displays, enter your Lamnt userID and password. 

Apple Mail

  1. Mail --> Accounts
  2. Add a Goolge Account
  3. Use the following:
    Username: [email protected]
    Email address: [email protected]
    Password: Your Lamont password

Outlook 2016 - Mac

Not supported.

Outlook 2016 - Windows

Not supported.

Thunderbird Mac/Windows

  1. Open the Thunderbird application.
  2. Navigate to Tools then click Account Setting
  3. Under Accounts click Create a new account.
  4. Enter your [email protected] email address, password, and your name.  This will attempt to auto-configure and it will fail.  You can enter the settings next and select continue
  5. Manually enter the following information:


            Server Hostname:

            Port: 993

            SSL: SSL/TLS

            Authentication: Normal Password


            Server Hostname:

            Port: 465

            SSL: SSL/TLS

            Authentication: Normal Password

           Username: [email protected]

  6. Then click on "Re-Test" and choose "OAuth2" for both incoming and outgoing Authentication. Thunderbird should then add the account as a profile through which you can view your Gmail