VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN (Virtual Private Network)


To install the new OpenVPN client please follow the directions below:

         Users can install the new client by following the instructions below.

         1. Go to the LDEO VPN website:   https://ldeo.openvpn.com/
         2. At the OpenVPN log in screen:  Click on "Sign In with SSO".
         3.  Log in with your LDEO ID and Password.

         After you have successfully logged in you will be able to download and install the new "OpenVPN Connect" Client for your OS.

         At the end, during configuration, when it asks for the URL to import your profile, type in https://ldeo.openvpn.com/

         Reach out to [email protected] for extended instructions.


VPN Install

         Reach out to [email protected]  with any questions.