Web Services

Web Services

Profile/Directory of People

Any requests for changes/updates to LDEO's Directory such as new phone numbers, headshots, list of selected publications, etc. should be sent directly to the phone office.

Request Web Services

Questions/Requests about the LDEO Web content or the technical aspects of about the LDEO website should go to  Webmaster.

Personal Pages


These pages are personal/professional web pages that are composed by the user and reside in a folder in the user's home directory (Unix filesystem).

Step 1. Create your web page on your desktop. There are many easy to use html producers such as Microsoft Word. Name the file index.html

Step 2. Using any ftp client, such as fetch, create a folder called public_html in your home directory and place your index.html in it (Use ftp/fetch to transfer the files). You can use fetch to create the folder or telnet to a UNIX server and use 'mkdir public_html' command.

  • Ftp Host: ftp.ldeo.columbia.edu
  • Ftp Username: Your LDEO USERNAME (the first part before @ sign of your email address)
  • Ftp Password: Your Unix (email) password
  • cd ~USERNAME
  • (At this point you are in your home directory server disk space, "Home Directory")
  • cd public_html
  • (Transfer the index.html file over to ftp.ldeo.columbia.edu)

Step 3. Connect to your web site at the address: